A Course in Emotional Empowerment

Offered by Jean Wallis

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”
Carl Jung

At the heart of the exploration and expansion of our Divinity,
exists the need to also comprehend our humanity
so we can view ourselves from a Higher perspective
rather than through a turmoil of emotion, outdated values and beliefs,
old patterns, and historic fears.

Join me on this journey to:

Learn how and why you react mentally, emotionally, and physically
to the interactions in your life.

Discover what contributes to your perceptions and your response to them.

Find out what roles you learned to play and how they do and do not benefit you.

Explore your body’s chemical reactions to situations
and how they contribute to your responses.

See what your default programs are in situations and relationships.

Knowledge is power,
and this knowledge gives you the power to choose how to react to life,
to even be proactive in life… to
BE life… rather than have life happen to you.
Wisdom is knowledge applied.

“We live in a house of mirrors
and think we are looking out the windows.”
Fritz Perls


30 classes  (call for next starting date)

Weekday  or weekend classes available

2 hours each class
$20 per class
Limit:  4 people per class

Call JEAN at (612) 874-1453 to discuss and register

What people are saying about the class:

“The class has been a series of ahas!, wows! and just plain being speechless!”

“This class is empowering. Jean has given me many new tools to manage my life and they

“Learning with Jean is fun. She uses a variety of tools, visual aids,
and very funny metaphors to teach the class.”

“My interactions with people are now changing for the better
as a direct result of this class.”

“This class has given me a deeper insight into how I manage my life decisions.”

“My soul has been hungry for this information forever and finally it is getting fed. Yummm!”