I started life pretty much like you, I was born.  I don't recall it, and haven't relived it, but I
    have no doubt it happened!

    It seems I always had some connection to "the other side" and often sensed things before
    they happened, just like my mother would experience on occasion.  By the time I
    reached my later teens, I was sensing many things before they happened, and was
    visited on more than one occasion by beings from "the other side."  This didn't scare me
    as much as it scared my friends, and then it began to scare me as well.  Besides, if I
    talked to my friends about my experiences, they soon were not my friends, becoming
    too afraid to associate with me.

    So, for self preservation on the social level, I tried to just not go "there." And life went on.
    Now and then I would meet people with similar occult experiences and get involved in
    expanding myself in those areas, then get scared, and run off again.  Life happened:  
    marriage, divorce, 20 years as a nurse, 15 years in retail customer service and marketing

    Then the corporate world learned to act out the word "down-sizing," and they paid me to
    go away!!  That's when it finally felt like the time to bring my spiritual life forward and be
    the focus of my life, rather than have it in the background any longer.

    That's when I began to draw into my life the teachers who would give me the wisdom
    and skills to open to the many things I do today; healing, psychic reading, spiritual
    coaching, meditation initiation, sacred ceremonies of many types, and the ever
    popular, etc.

    And that's me, in my nutshell.  I am no different than you.  You, too, have spiritual abilities
    and talents.  And, just like me, if you focus on them, they will come forward in your life as