My kitty cats have taught me so much!

This book came to mind one day when I was on my front porch with a
friend trying to coerce one of my kitties, Merlin, to come back into the
house.  Every time we went toward him, he would run the other way!

Suddenly it occurred to me!
My cat was acting just like my experiences with money!
So I took a look at a few cat behaviors and
how they parallel with the movement of money, as the energy it truly is,
not just as the commodity we usually see it as.

Here is a sample of the book-lette I have written about my discoveries!


The more you chase it, the more it runs away from


My intention for this book is threefold:  to provide new information to readers who
have no experience with metaphysics; to provide a reminder to readers who are
already familiar with energy principles; and to provide all readers with new
perspectives about their relationship with money that are useful to them in becoming
more prosperous.

Everything is made of energy; the Sun, the trees, the ants, our bodies, and even this
page of the book you are reading.  It has become widely accepted that all things are
made up of atoms, and that atoms are made up of even smaller particles.  Now it is
known there are even smaller, more mysterious particles contained within those.  All
these units are in constant motion.

Money as a physical object is made up of atoms; therefore, it is energy.  Even more
than that, as a bill, coin, check, debit, or even a credit card transaction, it represents
an exchange of energy from one person to another.  Here is an example:  If I don’t
want to spend my energy painting my house, I spend my energy doing what I want to
do to earn money (the symbol of my spent energy).  Then I transfer that money to
someone who does want to spend their energy painting my house.  This is the
exchange:  We spend our energy to make money; we give the money to someone else
and receive what we wanted that the other person spent their energy providing.  
Money is a symbol of the exchange of energy between people.

Money is a vital energetic force with a flowing nature.  Once we understand and act
on that fact using the following principles, we can develop a lifelong, prosperous
relationship with it.  
                                         Enjoy the book!

                 MONEY IS LIKE A CAT ...

The more you chase it, the more it runs away from you!

Have you ever tried to catch a cat?  If you even think of reaching for it, it
scampers away, bounding through the air to get away from you.  The cat feels our
energy coming toward it and is nearly propelled away from us.

To successfully catch my cat, I have often had to turn my back and walk away
from it, focusing my mind on something other than catching it.  It sometimes
helps to mentally envision my cat being in the place I am trying to get it to go.  
Then it often chooses to follow closely behind me.

Money, as the energy it is, cannot come to us if it is being pushed away.  When
our objective is chasing a dollar, the feeling we are creating and the energy we are
putting out is that of chasing, and that’s what we will create, just more chasing.
This energy is fueled by fear.

The real energy to send out in order to manifest our financial desire is that of the
feeling we will have when that desire is fulfilled.  In other words, send out the
feeling of wealth and prosperity while focusing on having achieved the goal.  This
energy is fueled by peace.

                MONEY IS LIKE A CAT ...

The more you try to grab it, the harder it struggles to get

One of the hardest things to do after accomplishing catching a cat is to tightly
hold onto it.  Cats do not like to be contained and are not shy to let you know
that fact.  They hiss and spit and fight and growl! Mine likes to try and box me
on the head with his front paws.  They squirm and wriggle, contorting themselves
into impossible postures until they succeed in leaping out of your arms and
darting to freedom.

When I must transport my cat, I put my arm firmly (not squeezing) around its
body and hold my hand supportively under its chest. Then the goal is to achieve
the transportation in as efficient and timely a manner as possible, not holding
onto him any more than is needed to accomplish the task.

Money is energy and, since that is its nature, is meant to be in motion.  Energy
contained explodes to gain the freedom of motion. If we try to hoard our money,
grabbing onto it tightly, pinching pennies and not sharing it with others, it will
fight us until it leaves us.  It is vital to our ability to receive money to keep it in
motion, coming in and going out.

Sometimes we may need to store up money for a future expense.  It is best to just
enjoy seeing it pile up, feeling our wealth in the process, rather than to hoard it
away with the feeling of fear that we will not have enough. Fear creates a grabbing
energy that will force the money out rather than put it in a holding pattern.

                MONEY IS LIKE A CAT ...

The more you try to cleanse it, the more it flees out of your

What is more determined to get away than a wet cat?!  Sometimes people think
their kitty needs a bath because it is inherently  “dirty” and they will naively
attempt to take the poor thing into the tub and pretend it will be a simple task to
just wash it off. Soon they discover that everything is wet, everyone is slipping,
both of them are screaming, and no one is any “cleaner.”

The issue here is not the cleanliness of the cat. Cats are endowed with a wonderful
raspy tongue they use to keep themselves quite clean.  It is our perception that they
are “dirty.”  And so it is with money.  Sometimes we feel it is “dirty” and we have
to somehow cleanse it before we can get close to it or it might contaminate us.

It is not the money that is “dirty” and needs cleansing.  It’s our beliefs about it that
need to be cleaned up. Money is just energy, it has no quality of good or bad.
Contrary to popular teaching, it is not the root of all evil. It also is not our savior.  
Let’s  examine our current beliefs about money, as well as those we learned while
we were growing up, then scrub any obstructive beliefs out of our system and wash
them down the drain!
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