NUMEROLOGY is a science and an art.

Everything in our universe has an energetic vibration.
Each type of energy has specific properties within it.
Numbers each have their own vibration.
Letters have number values containing corresponding vibrations.

Numerology has been used down through the ages to
discover inherent energy within oneself or some thing
and to utilize numeric energy to optimize outcomes in one's life.

The science of numerology investigates the numbers in your life,
systematically arranges them,
and reveals the operation of their properties.

The art of numerology is in the interpretation
of the numbers' properties
and their relationship to each other;
for example;
the relationship between your name and your address
or a date and a name.

NAME NUMEROLOGY is insightful in learning the energies contained
within a name, and discovering the energies being projected.
It is especially useful when choosing a name, whether it is
for a child, a business, or an individual name change.

ADDRESS NUMEROLOGY is useful in learning the energy inherent
in a property.  This can be combined with name numerology
to find out the interaction between the name of the owner or residents
and the property.  It is also useful if the property is
going to have a name, or be the location of a business.

DATE NUMEROLOGY is helpful in learning the properties within a specific
date, whether it is a birth date or another date an event is planned.  
Again, it can be combined with name and/or address numerology to
look at their relationships.  This is insightful when planning an important
personal event, such as a wedding,
or when establishing a new venture such as closing on a house
or registering a business.

Some people would say this is just hooey,
but I believe in optimizing our potential
for positive outcomes in our lives
and utilizing all the tools given us to do so.