Readings can be on either personal, geographical, or business topics.
More than just providing information,
I connect with Masters who have a positive focus
and will often give you ways to resolve a problem
or provide creative new directions to explore.

To do my readings I connect with Spirit and your energy.
My energy will not enter yours, nor yours mine.
Everything is made of energy, and all energy contains information.
For me it's like picking up a book in my hand and reading it.    
I read that information as it comes to me
as pictures inside my head or words inside my right ear.

For readings in person, I connect with these energies by touching your hand.
For readings on the phone, I connect through your voice.
For readings by e-mail, I connect through your energy transmitted in words.
The connection is the same strength, regardless of how it's initiated.

The first thing I do in a reading is ask Spirit what message they have for you.
When I say "Spirit" I mean your highest self, your guides, angels, Divine Masters,
and any other positive and supportive energies that come to speak.
I don't always know them by their name, but they are felt as a collective Spirit.

When I start to see the pictures and/or hear the words coming to me,
I begin to describe them to you
and more information about their interpretation opens for me.  
I share that with you as it comes in.

I am a very interactive reader and the more you speak or ask questions
the more the information comes in.
The detail you receive in information is relative to
the amount of detail you provide.
For example, if you ask "Will I get married?" You may just get "Yes."
If you ask, "Next year will I marry the person I am dating now?"
You are more likely to get, "No, not a year, more like two."or "No, not this one."

Readings only see possibilities that are strong enough to become probabilities.
You ultimately have all the power of choice.
The information I share with you is for you to take into consideration
and make your own decision about acting on or even believing.